A farewell to black boxes - Thomas Dinter, TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co

“Simplicity and centralised control are the reasons why Dualog Connection Suite is the best solution for TB Marine,” says Thomas Dinter.

Thomas Dinter is IT Manager at German tanker company TB Marine Shipmanagement. He was talking at Digital Ship in Hamburg in February, discussing his company’s experiences with Internet on board their vessels, and the reasons behind their choice of Dualog as partner. TB Marine chose Dualog just over four years ago, initially because of services like business mail and crew mail, and later with an option for Internet control and optimization.

Black boxes

“Before we chose to go with Dualog, the alternative was so-called “black boxes”, which require configuration on board each individual vessel. The operation of such boxes can be complicated and time-consuming. And black boxes can leave the user particularly vulnerable when the vessel is far out at sea. This is no longer a problem after using Dualog services,” Dinter explains.

Complete control from the office

“With Dualog Connection Suite I can just sit in my office in Hamburg and make system rules for use on board any of our ships, and for our entire fleet simultaneously.”

Extra online time

TB Marine operates its fleet worldwide, and has made use of one of the newest services available in Connection Suite, Quota Management.