Dualog met all the requirements - Höegh LNG

So says Terje Gumø, Vice President of IT at natural gas shipping company Höegh LNG, regarding their choice of Dualog Connection Suite as the Internet access solution for their entire fleet.

Usage control
“The services offered with Connection Suite help us to better utilise our on board satellite capacity. We gain control and are able, for instance, to apply usage limits,” Mr Gumø explains. “We had unrestricted use of the Internet on board. With streaming as a ‘broadband thief’ congestion was a problem.”

An important welfare advantage
At the same time Gumø stresses that, from the company’s perspective, crew access to constant reliable Internet services is a significant welfare advantage. “This is now available to our crew. However, we need to apply some constraints in order to avoid excess consumption – a matter we can now directly control ourselves using Dualog Connection Suite.”

Long-standing traditions
Höegh LNG, a company with long-standing traditions and historical roots dating back to 1927, has its headquarters in Norway. The company operates a fleet of 8 natural gas carriers as well as liquid natural gas terminals and has a commissioned building programme which includes several future contracts. Among Höegh’s clients are Statoil, Total, Gas Natural, Gdf Suez.

"97% of our vessels’ satellite
capacity is used for welfare
purposes, it is important that the
crews have the best and most
reliable access to the Internet”

says Terje Gumø - Vice President, IT