Business Mail

Dualog® Business Mail is a versatile, robust, and cost-control oriented email solution. The solution transfers emails regardless of communication system available on the ship.  

Dualog® Business Mail allows companies to set individual size limit for each user and carrier, which gives a prioritised and controlled email flow.

The ship software may be configured from the company office, and a web portal gives complete historical access to all communication sessions and data transferred.

Management reports give an in depth overview of the fleet status and helps companies make qualified decisions based on real time data.

Standardised email addresses for all employees, automatic updated distribution lists and unlimited number of e-mail accounts per fleet provides great scalability. If communication is down, the captain can still read his e-mail history.Dualog Business Email

Customer Values - Brief Summary:

  • Seamless email and data transfer via any communication system
  • Gives complete fleet wide control from shore
  • Provides full email history even when server is down

Main Features:

  • Mail server components to which third party e-mail clients (such as Outlook or Lotus Notes) connect via SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and LDAP

  • SMTP (Send/Relay) if Domino Server or Exchange Server on board

  • Web-mail interface with great functionality

  • Supports any number of users / e-mail accounts per ship

  • Maintains service to / from all on board e-mail user accounts via all communication carriers

  • Each ship’s mail store is on board and therefore available irrespective of the external (communication equipment) connection status

  • 10 GB free of charge shore message archive (Dualog managed and operated)

  • Company’s choice of e-mail domain(s)

  • Automatic compression / decompression of all transferred data

  • Anti-virus and spam filtering of messages from shore to ship / ship to ship

  • Least cost routing

  • Break point restart (in case of circuit drop / switch during data transfer)

  • Filtering mechanism in both directions for effective cost control

  • Ships’ connections and message transfer statistics available via Dualog’s customer portal

  • Fax, Telex and SMS services 

Optional (Chargeable) Features:

  • Address Book Replicator

  • Ship Reports

  • Email Archive (Separate Service)