Stanford Marine chooses Dualog

“Dualog are very much on the ball,” says a clearly satisfied Darren Reeves, Operations Manager at offshore supply company Stanford Marine in Dubai. “Previously, we used several different service providers, and at times this could be very problematic. Dualog provides us with standardization, something we have a very strong belief in,” says Darren Reeves, Operations Manager at Stanford Marine in Dubai.

“From my office in Dubai, I can now monitor the data communication on any of our ships, at any given time, and make sure that everything is working as it should,” adds IT Superintendent Albert Chang.

Cost and usage control
“In addition, we can control how much bandwidth is being used at any given time,” commends Chang, who is also very satisfied with Dualog’s anti-virus distribution software.
Dualog on over 40 ships
Dualog Connection Suite was installed on the first ships at Stanford Marine last year. Reeves reckons that all their ships will have Dualog installed by the end of 2012