Seacore Marine goes with Dualog

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Richard Marshall, Communications Manager at Seacor Marine, was recently in Tromsø visiting Dualog’s head office where Connection Suite, a suite of services for managing ship-shore communication, is developed. Dualog solutions are now installed in the North Sea and Middle East fleets.

“The developers at Dualog have given me an insight to the new features and improvements which will be available in the upcoming software release. It looks very interesting indeed” says a contented Marshall.
“It’s also important that, in addition to Tromsø Headquarters, Dualog has offices in Oslo, Liverpool, Copenhagen and Singapore” adds Marshall.
Seacor Marine is an American company with a fleet of 130 diverse vessels serving the oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico, South America, the North Sea, West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Marshall himself is based in Lowestoft, United Kingdom, which is home to the North Sea fleet. “It’s important to us that our onboard users have full access to Internet and e-mail”, he stresses, “but since onboard bandwidth is, naturally enough, limited, we need to control its usage and make sure that there is always enough capacity for business, interaction with the company and contact with clients, port authorities and other third parties.
“All of this is handled by Dualog Connection Suite” says Marshall. “Ashore people expect up-to-theminute email messages or to be able to pick up the phone and call the vessel directly over the Internet.” “In terms of crew welfare Internet access is important but equally important is the guaranteed and secure flow of business traffic” Marshall asserts. At the same time he draws attention to Dualog’s latest Quota Management service which, in his opinion, enables fair policies to control crew internet access based on data volume and / or time.
“In Tromsø I was given a live demonstration of the new Quota Management service which, amongst other things, includes changes that we at Seacor had requested” says Marshall. “This highlights the fact that Dualog takes feedback from its customers seriously” he adds. “Dualog also deserves praise for their technical support. My colleagues at Seacor are very hands on so we are, perhaps, not the most extensive users of the support service but we see that Dualog’s support engineers understand problems before we have finished describing them. They are
extremely knowledgeable.” Richard Marshall was a Chief Petty Officer in the British Royal Navy. In 2002 (after 22 years service) he began work at Seacor Marine where he has been ever since.