Rickmers Reederei chooses Dualog

Rickmers was established as early as 1853, and has 120 container vessels in operation on all the world’s oceans. Their headquarters are in Hamburg, but Rickmers has more than 20 offices in, amongst other places, Singapore, Tokyo, India and all over Europe and America. Altogether, the company employs over 4000 people.

It started with testing, on board 5 ships. Then 20 ships. And by the end of this year, Rickmers will have installed Dualog Connection Suite on over 40 ships.

“Yes, that’s the deal with Dualog,” says Peter Ullmann, chief of Network Operations at the German giant Rickmers Reederei.

Future ready
“Our old e-mail system was beginning to fail, and at the same time stronger demands were made by the crews for their own, private email accounts. It was time for something new, and consequently we assessed a number of different data communication alternatives,” says Ullmann with regard to the process leading up to their choice of Dualog.

Just right
“Dualog deliver quality, and at the same time, the company is neither too small nor too big. When we call support, for instance, we encounter a person we already know – familiar faces. It is almost as much a friendly relationship as it is business,” says Ullmann.