New times with Dualog

Everything is better with Dualog Connection Suite.

This is the consensus of opinion shared by Maria Ulfa Kurniawati and Mia Triwitono, both of whom are IT experts at Indonesian shipping company Samudera Shipping, whose headquarters are in Jakarta.

A real lift
“With Dualog we finally got an IT system that works as planned, all the time. And when you get such a real lift in all electronic communications between sea and land, well, it has a positive effect on the entire company,” says Mia, a year after putting Dualog Connection Suite to use as the company’s maritime communication solution.

In the forefront with new Services
Samudera Shipping operates 30 vessels, largely tankers and bulk and container ships, and is part of the Samudera Indonesia Group. When the company put Dualog Connection Suite to use, they chose the following PRESSservices: Business Mail, File Transfer, MapView, Network Control and AntiVirus.

See all ships – at the same time
“MapView allows us to see where all our ships are on the map at all times, and what progress they are making. This is worth having for any number of reasons, and it is also a very useful tool. You can’t do without MapView today,” says Maria. ◆