Mideast Ship Management chooses Dualog

“We need complete control of our activities if we are to make the right decisions at any given time. Communication is the very heart of our business,” says Waleed Al Emeim, Purchasing Manager at Mideast Ship Management Ltd., regarding the reason for their choice of Dualog as the company’s data communication solution.

The company is owned by the Bahri corporation of Saudi Arabia and has its offices in Armada Towers, Dubai. Mideast Ship Management operates about 70 tankers all over the world, and is in a process of constant growth.

The deployment of Dualog Connection Suite is well underway, and IT Manager Ahmed Basha confirms the good experience. He also reports good feedback from the ships. “It is also important that the crew has free access to email, while at the same time we are given full control of the bandwidth and costs.”