Maritime CIO Forum Tokyo 2018

Digitalisation is re-shaping the business world and is increasingly important for gaining competitive edge. Emerging technologies, together with the evolution and development of new platforms, are providing unparalleled opportunities within shipping.

Join us at the Maritime CIO Forum in Tokyo 29 August 2018

Dualog provides a maritime digital platform to enable and optimise all IT services and tools needed for efficient management of your vessels. Our solutions are installed on more than 3,000 ships in worldwide trades. Come join us at the Maritime CIO Forum Tokyo to identify the real digital opportunity, understand how digitalisation can re-define the maritime industry, and how Dualog can partner with you in this new and exciting journey towards digitalisation on your fleet.

The event is divided into three sessions. Session one will investigate the evolution of maritime connectivity, and address what the ever-growing use of onboard applications and increased data flows in shipping means in terms of reliable data communications and platforms to handle this connectivity. Session two will look at how the industry is managing increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of data communications, as well as the rising number of devices and applications on board.  This session will also present business cases and real-world examples and review the guidelines and policies already in place. Furthermore, the session promises to look at how to identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk and how to assess the real business risk. In session three, the theme is "The iShipping Revolution" where the conference will look at how new technology is transforming the supply chain in the digital era. Get ready to learn more about IoT, blockchain autonomy, AI and VR, and analytics and how they all promise a faster, safer and more connected transport ecosystem. Dualog will be there to shed light on how our new platform addresses this issues.

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When:        29 August 2018, Wednesday
Registration starts at 08:15 
Conference ends at 18:00, followed by drinks and networking

Where:       Kaiun Building, 2-4-6, Hirakawacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo.
Conference room 2F hall, located on level 2.

Register:     Please register here (free entry for shipping companies).


We look forward to seeing you!


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The Dualog Team