Introducing Dualog's new Customer Service Director

Lill-Tove started as Dualog’s Customer Service Director in September 2014. The department consists of three teams; support, deployment, and customer handling. The customer service department provides support and consultancy services, training, and customer relations. The focus areas for 2015 are to implement ITIL, a new ticketing system, and a knowledge management system.

Prior to joining Dualog earlier this year, Lill Tove has worked more than 10 years within the IT and energy industry. The main tasks have been: operations of the IT departments, customer monitoring, manager of various reorganisation - and improvement projects. She has also been the lead on change management with projects such as: outsourcing of IT services, strategy and organisational development.

We are very happy and proud having Lill Tove onboard Dualog. Please get in contact with her here.

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Photo: Lill-Tove with her team.