Innovation Garage has the winning spirit at Aker Brygge

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14 June 2018



Innovation Garage has the winning spirit at Aker Brygge

When it comes to thinking outside the box, Dualog’s Innovation Garage proved it has what it takes after it swept two of the three main prizes in an intensive two-day innovator hackathon which was staged against the backdrop of Oslo’s famous Aker Brygge.

‘Hack Aker Brygge’ was set up to encourage innovators to push boundaries in creating digital solutions to integrate people and the use of physical assets at one of Oslo’s most prominent maritime landmarks – Aker Brygge.

And while the content of the entry was different from the daily scope of Dualog’s Innovation Garage, working with and for the global shipping industry, it was a great opportunity to test the innovative skills of the team, while still very much in a maritime setting,

The purpose of the event – which had as one of its main sponsons Amazon Web Services (AWS),  a dynamic, growing business unit within – was to create new digital solutions around Community & Communication that connect Experience, Retail, Entertainment, Social, Tourism, Business and Personal households in one distinct area.

Innovation Garage put forward an international team of young innovators who wowed the judges with their fresh ideas and application. 

The team members were Saghar Asadi from Iran, Erwin Reid from Chile, Aman Kashgari from East Turkistan/USA, and Marko Ikonomovic from Serbia.

Their winning entry was the invention of a digital twin of Aker Brygge, displaying live updates of offers, events and happenings in the area.  

Geir Isene, head of Innovation Garage, said: “Our team came up with a physical alternative to the Aker Brygge App. They made a 3D printed representation of the whole Aker Brygge area, complete with various LED lights inside hooked to the events in the area and processed in such a way that the model will light up where shops have special offers, and where events are happening etc. 

“It was a great way to make Aker Brygge stand out and engage people in a more realistic way than just the usual flat screens,” he added.


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