How do we deliver operational stability of 99,98%?

System security and operational stability are key buzz words in today’s shipping industry and with a track record of 99.98% system uptime delivered over the last two years, these are key performance indicators that our teams here at Dualog take very seriously.

But according to Geir Inge Jensen, IT Operations Manager at Dualog, while this level of uptime is among the best performing in the shipping industry, “there is definitely no resting on our laurels. We are bringing in improvements all the time which will enable us to carry out upgrades to the system with no downtime at all,” he said.

Geir is proud of his team and of the quality assurance work they do and notes that the system was down for only seven minutes throughout the whole of 2017 because of necessary upgrade work. But harnessing new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a concept that will take the industry by storm, he predicts, will move Dualog’s performance bar ever closer to 100% uptime, guaranteed.

Reducing risk and providing predictability is at the heart of Dualog’s mantra of ‘Always online – Always in Business’ all which is why operational and customer security remain firmly at the top of Geir’s day-to-day list of priorities.

“We can employ as many as five different virus layers spread throughout our data centres in Denmark, Singapore and Amsterdam which so far have blocked all forms of virus and ransomware coming through. But this is why we value the close relationships we have with our customers because if any of our customers detect anything suspicious that may have slipped through our security nets and entered their systems, then we will act quickly and immediately increase the layers of security even more.”

He added: “The key point is that we have redundancy in all our layers. We have redundancy in the data centres and between the data centres. It is our pledge to have the best firewalls and the best competency handling there is and to make sure that everything is secure. We employ highly effective intrusion detection systems to constantly monitor threats and attacks before they can cause any harm.”

But it is the advances being made in machine learning which is exciting the industry and the Dualog teams are actively involved in developing systems which can predict when something may go wrong. As Geir stressed, it is all about comparing what happens in each set of circumstances. Anomalies are picked up and questioned. Prevention is always better than cure.

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