Dualog launches Innovation Garage to Challenge the Boundaries of IT Innovation

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Dualog, one of the world's leading providers of ship-to-shore data communications services, is challenging the boundaries of smart thinking in the shipping industry by launching a company that aims to change the way software providers deliver IT solutions to the global shipping industry.

Known as Innovation Garage, the new entity will draw on the skills and talents of the best IT developers in the business to deliver the highly innovative products and solutions that tomorrow’s shipping industry will need.

Working alongside Dualog’s existing research and development teams, Innovation Garage will interface with customers and the industry to drive software thinking to new levels.

Innovation Garage is built upon a long tradition of start-ups in the IT industry: Facebook, Google, Apple, and Hewlett Packard all started out in a small room - or a garage. And the famous HP ‘rules of the garage’ – where you share tools and ideas, there is no politics or bureaucracy, and where radical ideas are not bad ideas – will serve as the mantra for the Innovation Garage team.

Innovation Garage is part of a wider and broader strategy by Dualog to deliver boundary-pushing communication and application platforms for the global shipping industry. Shipping is demanding more data and more analysis and Dualog is at the forefront of this new evolution to drive shipping to a more highly efficient and integrated future.

Morten Lind-Olsen, Chief Executive Officer of Dualog, said the idea behind Innovation Garage was about “working with our existing customer base of 3,000 ships to prepare for the future.

“Dualog is founded on the DNA of ‘Innovations at Sea, Delivered with Passion’, and has always been known as a company ready and able to meet any challenge. Broadband at sea is becoming more available and affordable which again opens up a new world of opportunities to our customers. The area of ‘Internet of Things’ is one focus area that is very much unexplored and where the shipping industry is facing many challenges such as with existing hardware as well as understanding and fully exploiting Big Data,” he said.

“Innovation Garage gives us the opportunity to drive in fresh blood into the IT industry and look to the future in a new way. We are recruiting people at the forefront of the industry from all over the world. We want to work with people who can contribute in a passionate way and have a track record of creating exciting new ideas.

“They will work closely with our growing number of R&D people because, given the challenges facing the shipping industry, we need to ensure high expectations are met and even exceeded. Innovation Garage will be at the forefront of software research and development in the shipping industry,” he said.

According to Mr Lind-Olsen, the shipping industry is undergoing a green shift that has to be controlled and managed. “At Dualog, we are offering a communication and application platform that can meet these demands head on. We will be the preferred digital platform and initiatives like the Innovation Garage will help the industry develop its ships into the ‘integrated sailing offices’ it wants them to be. That is how we are preparing for the future,” he said.


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Photo: Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO at Dualog

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31 January 2017

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Established in 1994, Dualog provides a maritime digital platform which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. We enable and optimise all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels. Our solutions are installed on more than 3000 ships in worldwide trades.

Dualog is recognised for assisting customers by providing streamlined operations, a guaranteed service uptime of 99,5%, and a 24/7 operational support team. Dualog offers solutions for resilient cyber infrastructure and our innovative solutions are created in a passionate in-house research and development environment.

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