Dualog CrewMail: One fine day everything was automated

Secure, efficient and minimum effort required
This was the conclusion IT Manager Richard Lim of AET Tankers arrived at in his talk about his company’s experiences with Dualog Crew Mail, one of the services available in Dualog Connection Suite.
AET Tankers operate close on 80 large vessels and have been a Dualog customer for almost five years.

User conference
Richard Lim gave his talk on the occasion of the recent user conference arranged by Dualog Singapore, at which a number of his IT colleagues from shipping circles were present.

3000 individual email accounts
“It was quite a challenge handling 3000 individual email accounts manually, in an environment where crew members were constantly signing on and off duty. The solution was to establish a control system for email which communicated directly with Dualog’s server. Then everything went automatically,” says Richard Lim.
“Now we hardly need to get involved in these operations at all: Automate, automate, automate,” concludes a well pleased IT Manager