Crew can now buy online access

The most eager internet users on board can now buy extra surfing access.

It is Dualog Connection Suite’s Quota Management service that makes this possible.

“Using Quota Management, the shipping company can allocate a certain amount of free online volume per month to everyone on board. If this free quota is used up before the end of the month, well, then they can buy an extra quota,” Dualog’s Technical Director, Lars Espejord, explains.

A fair system

Bandwidth at sea is expensive, and with Quota Management Dualog enables the company to effectively control costs in a way which also works fairly, so that the most eager users, for instance, do not use up the whole kit and caboodle.

“Strict control is a way of regulating total use of the internet, but this approach places responsibility with the individuals instead. They decide themselves how to use their allocated quota,” says Espejord.