Connection Suite 2.36 is now out

Connection Suite 2.36 is now out

We are happy to announce our latest version of Connection Suite, containing both upgrades and two new services.

A completely new webmail in Connection Suite Ship. With a new look and feel, in addition to a lot of new features, it can easily replace any stand-alone email client. Not to mention that it works perfectly on any platform - PCs, tablets, and smartphones.  Connection Suite 2.36 Ship is already available for download.

Multi-stage mail filtering. Cyber Security has our highest attention, and in Connection Suite 2.36 Cloud we have taken it a step further by introducing an improved filtering system for email, combining several state-of-the-art scanners.

Together with our traditional services, we are also launching two new services:

  • The Crew Connection App, giving crew onboard control of their Internet quota and improving the registration onboard. The Crew Connection app is available on App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
  • Connection Suite Office, a service enabling replication of address books from your company email systems to your ships.

Want to know more about Connection Suite 2.36?
Please check out the full release information for Connection Suite 2.36 below or contact our Customer Department on:

Updated 22 September 2017