10 years with Dualog – and still as happy

“Dualog are updated with the latest developments almost before they occur.”

This is how General Technical Manager at Neom Maritime, Praveen Kumar Jindal, sums up the company’s experience of Dualog after 10 years as a customer.

The Japanese owned shipping company operates 23 bulk carriers worldwide, and has Dualog Connection Suite installed as its communications solution on board the entire fleet.

Always ahead

“If I were to sum up these 10 years, then I would say it has been a time with not one single problem, incredible as that may sound. Dualog are at the cutting edge of technological developments, and what’s more, they are very good at support if the need arises,” says Praveen, as he shows us an interactive world map on a big screen centrally situated in the company’s office landscape in Singapore.

“This map is an example of one of the services included in Dualog Connection Suite. It shows us in real time where each of our ships is,” Praveen explains.  

Popular map service

The map (Dualog MapView) is a service more and more Dualog customers are seeing the benefit of, according to Dualog Sales Manager Asia, Thomas Heide:

“They can follow the voyage live and get detailed information about the vessel’s speed and heading – and about the stretch that has been covered. Many shipping companies appreciate the benefit of this service also when it comes to their strategic planning.” u

CUTTING EDGE: “Dualog are at the cutting edge of technological developments,” sums up Praveen Kumar Jindal of Neom Maritime.